The customers need to be wooed(争取……的支持,恳求,求爱) by the unique customer experience that will bring them back,and have them sing your praise(赞美,表扬) to their friends,spreading(张开,展开,伸开) your name.This seem like a tall order(命令,要求,秩序,订货,订购),but isn’t.Listed here are the top ten tips to build,manage and profit from your e-commerce website.Follow them and see the benefits yourself.

1.Organize Your Catalog Around Product Categories围绕产品类别组织你的目录

Many sites either provide a long list of products or lump(堆积,使成团) them behind a search button,making it difficult to find them.Arrange your products into logical categories and subcategories,but do not overdo it.Research says it that most people get overwhelmed(覆盖,压倒,压垮,淹没) with more than 7 categories.The customer must be able to easily search any product without help.

either…or… 要么…要么…

Your product should have a clear and high-quality picture,short and detailed specifications.If necessary add video or pictures of defferent viewpoints(top angle,side view) along with the product specification(规格,规范,明细单,说明书).

along with 除某物以外;随同……一起;跟……一起;随同

2.Provide Multiple Payment Options提供多种支付选项

Keep all kinds of payment options available to your customers.Not everyone feels comfortable buying through a credit card,or has one.Allow for debit cards,fax,telephone,snail mail,paper and electronic cheques.And sign up for fraud(欺诈) checking facility(设施,设备),without which you could easily end up losing entire (全部的,整个的,完整的)day’s sales within minutes.Provide a currency converter if you offer products or payment in other currencies.

Including a telephone number for customer support on the order is a must.It gives the buyers some extra feelings of security that they can always talk to a live person if anything goes wrong in the buying process.

3.List out Clearly outlined Policies.明确地列出政策概述

Make your privacy policy public.Keep it in a prominent(突出的,显眼的,显著的) place,and link it to the home,products and checkout pages,so that customers who are wary(小心的,谨慎的,留神的) of providing personal and credit card details feel comforted.Tell them if you plan to share their email address with others,or plan to send in promotional(促销的,增进的) mail or newsletters(信息简报).

so that 因此,以便

Further,allow them to unsubscribe or opt-out of such email if they want to.Never sell the customer’s personal particulars(详细资料,详细介绍材料,细节,详情) unless they have agreed,as this is a sure way to lose credibility doubly fast.

opt-out 决定不参加……,决定从……退出


If you plan to collect sensitive(敏感的) information from your customers,you should use security systems like SSL(Secure Socket Layer安全通信协议).This guarantees(保证,担保) that the data provided by your customer will not fail into the hand of a malicious (恶意的,有敌意的,蓄意的)hacker while transferring from his computer to the web server.

This also will reassure(使……安心,打消……的疑虑) your customers that you are truly concerned about the security of their personal information.

Terms and Conditions:条款和条件(合同条款)、购物须知:

Write clearly and prominently all the sales and after-sales support terms so as to avoid(避免,防止,回避) confusion(混淆).The Internet is worldwide,and your customer can come from any country.List your shipping and handling costs upfront(提前),and be ready to ship anywhere on the Earth.Publish your returns policy,support hours,and even the approximate(大约的,近似的,接近的) time taken to deliver the goods.

Send a confirmation(确认书,证实,证明书) note thanking the customer,and listing all the products,prices and key terms of the purchase in an email.Keep the customer updated(更新,向……提供最新信息) of the order status at all times by email or by providing a link in your shopping page where they can check the status of their order anytime.

4.Build a Newsletter Around Your Products围绕你的产品建立一个信息简报

To snag(抓住,抢到) new customers and keep the old ones remenbering you vividly(生动地,逼真地,鲜明地),seriously plan to launch a newsletter,and send it to all prospects and customers on a regular basis.Apart from the credibility of being a serious player in the market,you dazzle(使目眩,使惊异不已) them with your commitment(承诺) by releasing the newsletter on fixed days—like 15th of every month,or every Monday.

seriously 认真地,严重地,严肃地;(用于句首,表示转为谈正事)说正经的,说实在的;非常,极其

apart from 除了……

You can also show your expertise(专门的知识或技能) in your-field writing regular,in-depth(深入的,彻底的) articles,covering the latest trends in the industry,and reviews(评价,评论) of new products.Your customers,distributors,and partners wil start to eagerly(热切的,渴望地) await your newsletter.Sprinkle(洒,撒) your promotions and products in between the contents of the newsletter,and be ready to receive an increase in web traffic and order bookings every time you send out the newsletter.

5.Let Customers Gift Your Products 让客户把你的产品作为礼物

Allow people to gift your products to their friends and loved ones.Provide free gift wrapping,a personalized(个性化的) message or a free gift for the purchaser.Allow them to create Wish Lists that they may use to buy later.

These small things do matter(事关紧要,有重大影响) and act as freebies(免费赠品) that your competitor may not have.Although these are fast becoming standard features,make sure you don’t end up with the dumb(笨的,呆傻的) ones who haven’t figured this simple technique out yet.

act as 充当……,起……的作用

end up 最终成为

figure out 弄明白,搞清楚

6.Promote Your Site Every Day每天都推广你的网站

Strong marketing is the most important aspect of having a successful website.The best of sites won’t make money if people don’t come in hordes(一大群).Launch promotions,and get the word to everyone possible within your target audience.

You can do promotions using direct mail to your existing customer,in your newsletter,and fliers( 广告 传单,小广告,飞行员).All the methods of traditional marketing apply here.Don’t leave any technique untried.Remenber the old adage—market,market,market.

7.Measure Results and Reorganize测量结果和重组

Measure the results you are getting from each promotion religiously(认真地,严谨地),and note what works and what doesn’t.Experiment.Study.Fine tune.This is the only way to know how effective your campaigns(活动,运动) and promotions are.

fine tune 精密调整,细微调节

You can also bring in some external people to visit your site and give you sincere(真诚的,真挚的,诚恳的) feedback about each page on your site.The more critical(批评的,关键的,爱挑剔的) they are,the more changes you will make,and eventually(最终,最后) it will benefit you and your customers.

Keep making changes and test what works and what doesn’t on a continuous(持续的,连续的) basis.What works today may not work tomorrow.

8.Keep a Simple yet Effective Web Design拥有一个简单有效的网页设计

There is intense(强烈的,剧烈的,紧张的) competition on the Web.Make a compelling(引人入胜的,扣人心弦的,不可抗拒的) website that showcases your USP(unique selling proposition) and brings the customer back to your site.Differentiate(区分,区别,辨别,差异化,差异分析) from the rest by using your imagination to make your site standout from the rest.A cool,catchy(悦耳易记的),easy-to-remenber name could definitely help.

Make a simple site,with plain(清晰的) HTML,and a consistent(一致的,连续的,符合的,与……一致的) look and feel on all pages.Use an easy-to-read font,an least a 10 size font,preferably(更好,宁可,更可取地) 11.Do not load with graphics and huge pictures on every page,which may slow down your page.

Although this advice is becoming old fashioned as most people are moving to broadband,it is still a good practice,as you don’t want to lose the customers who use a low speed modem.

Flexibility(灵活性) and ease(容易,轻易) of use are far more important than flashy(华丽的) graphics or cool Java applets.The objective(目标,目的;客观的,基于事实的) is to keep the customer looking at the products,and not keep them waiting or lose them by slow loading graphics or effects(影响,效应,结果).

Keep the catalog simple,and with a consistent design with links to Home,Checkout page,Privacy Policy,Terms and Conditions,Customer Profile(概述,简介,传略,印象) pages handy(方便的,易使用的,近便) and at the same,consistent place on each page.Make it easy to browse the store and mark products for later purchase.

9.Make the Login Process a Breeze让登录过程变得容易

The fewer clicks needed to order,the better.Amazon patented(获得……的专利权) their One-Click method that minimized(最小化,使减少到最低限度) the clicks,making the checkout process simpler and easier.Try to make the registration(注册,登记) or login process minimal,and only keep the most relevant fields mandatory(强制的,命令的).

I was disgusted(厌恶,反感) by the lengthy logon process which forced me to enter my middle name,date of birth,and mother’s maiden name for just registering for an online taxi booking service(在线出租车预定服务).I left it mid way,and went to another taxi operator’s site,which registered me within a minute.A simple thing can result in a costly mistake that loses the customer forever.

10.Reduce Popup Messages减少弹出消息

Too many popups distract(分散,转移注意力) and disgust(厌恶) the customer.Especially after the visitor closes your website window,if you start to popup other windows with more promotions,it leaves a feeling of being chased(追捕,追逐).It is also the signature of most of the adult sites,so steer(操纵,驾驶) away from such insensitive(不敏感的) practices.

away from 避开,离开

Show your professionalism(专业水平,专业素质,职业化) and respect the customer’s privacy and time.It will help to build your image(形象,图像,影响) as a serious and professional site and enhance(提高,增强,加强) your credibility.